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On Board Hand Carry Couriers

Worldwide delivery, in the air in 2 hours

On Board Couriers On Board

On board couriers to world wide destinations:

  • Hand carry up to 7kg
  • Check in cargo upto 20kg per item
  • Secure delivery service
  • Quickest delivery service available
  • First or Next Flight Out

Hand Carry Courier Service Hand Carry

Hand carry courier and delivery service, suitable for cabin sized items such as documents, cameras, storage devices etc.

  • Specialist in delivery to New York, Dubai, Hong Kong, Shanghai, New Delhi..
  • Worldwide financial centres covered
  • 24/7 operations
  • Item never leaves the collecting courier
  • Same Day Service (t's&c's apply)

Airport to Airport Airport 2 Airport

Specialist on board hand carry courier for airport to airport delivery

  • Eliminate the need to send staff
  • Goods securely delivered to your representative at destination airport
  • No need for visa requirements
  • Sign and return also available

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Industries Served

Let Pony Sameday take care of all your international onboard hand carry courier and shipping requirements from documents to cases.  Delivery and collection services anywhere in the world with special rates on our regular routes from the United Kingdom into Dubai, Abu Dhabi, New York, Los Angeles, California, San Francisco, New Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, Bangalore, Pune, Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tainjin, Chongqing, Tokyo, Seoul, Sydney, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Frankfurt, Moscow, Toronto and Vancouver.

Textiles Industry

Samples of textiles to and from manufacturers in China, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan for approval prior to mass production.

Healthcare Industry

Helathcare and pharmaceuticals industry require onboard hand carry couriers to transport urgent samples, tenders, patents, legal documents to worldwide destinations.

Chemical Industry

Chemical samples and specific grade chemicals delivered by hand carry courier globally for testing purposes.

Automotive Industry

Line stopper automotive components collected and delivered to car manufacturers worldwide.

Onboard Couriers Worldwide

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About Pony Sameday

Pony Sameday is the UK's leading dedicated sameday courier specialist with a network of over 2000 vehicles from motorbikes to large vans around the United Kingdom, ready to deliver your time sensitive goods around the country or into Europe.  Collections within 60 minutes and deliveries made direct.

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