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Corporate Same Day Courier Service

On-Demand Corporate Courier Services

Our Corporate Customers rely on same day corporate courier services that are quick, reliable and without hassle. With guaranteed courier delivery on same day service, clients can concentrate on their core business and leave the logistics to us.

Transport Outsourcing

Often clients outsource their existing company fleet of owned vehicles and employee couriers.  This allows the client to manage their business growth better, without the head ache of running a logistics department.  At Pony Sameday we can manage all your express delivery requirements, we become your logistics department.

Intercity Services

Pony Sameday can handle your internal goods transfer from branch to branch or depot to depot, from and to any city in the UK and Europe.

Medical Courier Services

Our years of expertise in the medical sector allows us to offer bespoke courier solutions to hospitals, laboratories and the healthcare industry.   All consignments are handled secure and delivered direct.

Distribution, Warehousing & Logistics Services

With rapid growth of ecommerce, it is now common to have storage and warehousing provided by your logistic partner.  This allows for faster response times and less facility usage at your premises.

What is a Corporate Courier?

Corporate couriers are:
  1. Specialist couriers serving large corporations and businesses.
  2. They become the transport department of clients.
  3. Personal help to PA's of CEO's of big business.
  4. Regular routes are outsourced to corporate couriers.
  5. Corporate couriers can adapt to any logistical requirements of any size.
  6. Secure and discreet.
  7. Available 24/7-365.